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RECIPE: Chuleta de Kan Kan with Apple Mustard Slaw and Black Barbecue Sauce

Let’s talk a little about the Kan Kan Chop. Our Kan Kan Chop is an item we began fabricating after an adventurous chef’s request, and it has been intriguing chefs since. It is a cut first created in Puerto Rico in 1957, and it is still being served there today in a big six pound version of this chop. Ours is cut an inch and a half thick and weighs a mere two to three pounds. It consists of a bone-in loin chop, with a strap of belly and the skin still attached. Puerto Rican chefs would roast it and then finish it in the fryer to crisp the skin.

We’re very excited that Chef Kevin Draper of Bin 54 Steak & Cellar was up for the challenge! He served his fried Kan Kan Chop with a delicious apple mustard slaw for a little sweet & tangy add-on. Enjoy his recipe with family and freinds!

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We are honored to have Anthony DiBernardo join our Hog Blog for a mouth-watering June recipe! Anthony is the owner and PitMan of Swig & Swine in Charleston, SC! We hope you’ll enjoy learning a little about Anthony as much as we did! His recipe for our Kan Kan chops will be a delicious addition to your summer smoking - and that boiled peanut salad! That’s some dag’on good eating.

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