with cashew lemongrass pesto

crispy porchetta


Cheshire Pork® All-Natural Porchetta Roast
Cashew Lemongrass Pesto (please see video for full recipe)
Green Onions


Remove the loin portion of the cut and butterfly. Using skewers, puncture the skin side of the Porchetta, then score into diamond shapes.

Season and massage skin with salt.

Score the meat side and massage with a generous amount of salt and spread generously with Cashew Lemongrass Pesto.

Place butterflied loin on top, season with more Pesto and roughly chopped green onions. Roll and truss with butcher's twine.

Heat grill to 400°F and cook indirect for 2.5 hours or to an internal temperature of 135°F.

Remove butcher's twine and let rest before cutting and serving.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Eric Gephart

Watch the video instructions!