Sponsored Event: "Up in Smoke" at Plates Neighborhood Kitchen


Nothing says a good time more than the combination of #CheshirePork and bourbon! That's why we partnered up with Woodford Reserve and Executive Chef Jake Wood from Plates Neighborhood Kitchen on April 9, 2019 to bring the first Up in Smoke patio event to Glenwood Avenue in Downtown Raleigh.

Check out the video below and watch the good times unfold!

Executive Chef Jake Wood (Plates Neighborhood Kitchen)

A native to Apex and with family roots invested in North Carolina, Executive Chef Jake Wood’s passion for food is heavily influenced by his grandparents and the state’s rich agricultural traditions. With inspiration from his family, Jake Wood embarked on a culinary career in Raleigh. He most recently served under Smith as the Chef de Cuisine of Raleigh’s 18 Seaboard, and now serves as Head Chef of Plates Neighborhood Kitchen.

Cheshire Pork Half Hog gets delivered a day prior for a 14-hour white oak smoke.

Chef Jake and Bela take in the hog for prep.

I choose to use Cheshire Pork in the restaurants that I’ve worked at and now Plates, not only because of the incredible product and the farming they have behind it, but the people they have behind the product, who run the company, the family, the Ivy’s are great folks. Being able to communicate with them and have a partnership with them and work with them is something that’s special to me and it brings another element into what we do here at Plates.  
— Chef JAke Wood

“Up In Smoke” Features BBQ, Woodford Bourbon Good Vibes with Good People

Being a chef to me it means that I have the opportunity every day to create memories for folks. Guests that come and share a meal at our table, it’s our opportunity to create memories for them and make this a special place for many different reasons to many different people. Our philosophy here at Plates Neighborhood Kitchen is just to provide a safe place for folks in the neighborhood, of any age to come and grab a good meal, a good drink, enjoy fellowship with other folks in the neighborhood.
— Chef Jake Wood

Thanks to Chef Jake for hosting such an incredible event! We look forward to bringing more #porktastic good times to the community in the future!